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mjsa vision awards for Manufacturing jewelers

The Manufacturing Jewelers Association is having a design competition again this year called the vision awards.http://www.mjsa.org/events_and_programs/mjsa_vision_awardswe plan on submitting an entry this year and hope to feature some of our jewelry

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Earclips provide an interesting back to your earrings!

Introducing our newest earclips! Truly artful jewelry must be beautiful in the back as well as the front! Accordingly, we have developed some stylized earclip findings to set your jewelry apart Enjoy the same exact precision and function as our omeg

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Platinum Findings are the best!

[caption id="attachment_102" align="alignnone" width="292"] flexiback platinum earclip platinum omega back style earflap[/caption] Why platinum findings? The physical bond of a platinum finding to a platinum piece of jewelry is more sound than a gol

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