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mjsa vision awards for Manufacturing jewelers

The Manufacturing Jewelers Association is having a design competition again this year called the vision awards.


we plan on submitting an entry this year and hope to feature some of our jewelry findings. It is an opportunity to show how well our <strong>18k gold jewelry findings</strong> or <strong>platinum jewelry findings</strong> such as <em>earclips</em>, <em>shanks</em>, <em>cufflinks</em> and <em>pin stems</em> integrate with a finished piece of jewelry. The same goes for our 18 k gold or platinum shanks. Our designer has worked on perfecting our shapes so that when a ring is complete, it appears as one continuous beautiful design, rather than a head sitting on top of a shank. We hope that some of our customers will decide to enter as well. We look forward to seeing your ideas. Remember we are available to answer any questions about our findings. Enjoy the beautiful day!