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Platinum Findings are the best!

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platinum omega back - earflap
platinum omega back style earflap[/caption]

Why platinum findings? The physical bond of a platinum finding to a platinum piece of jewelry is more sound than a gold to platinum bond, and the overall integrity of an all platinum finished product is superior to the settling for a mixed product. As a professional bench jeweler for 40 years, making handmade platinum rings earrings and necklaces, I know the blood sweat and tears that go into crafting a fine mounting. When we make a pair of beautiful platinum earrings, we always use platinum earclips with 18k white gold springs. The same idea when we make a pair of platinum cufflinks, we use platinum cufflink findings with 18k white gold springs for durability. There are some houses that will only use ALL platinum findings including the springs! for those customers, we have sprung platinum that works very well. Platinum findings- Art and design For me the art of the design is enhanced by the use of premium platinum findings. Usually I assess a piece of jewelry by the details, the things taken for granted, are the stones well set, is the finish immaculate and do the platinum findings integrate with the design? For me , the creation of platinum jewelry is a balance of art and engineering, not only must the finished pieces look beautiful, but the platinum findings must work perfectly, because the customer must be comfortable and secure wearing their investment.