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Earclips provide an interesting back to your earrings!

Introducing our newest earclips!

Truly artful jewelry must be beautiful in the back as well as the front! Accordingly, we have developed some stylized earclip findings to set your jewelry apart Enjoy the same exact precision and function as our omega styles but with a little something extra! Some of our customers have reported an uptick in sales when they individualize their products with specialty earclip findings. We have the club, the heart and the 4 leaf clover earclips in 18k yellow, white pink gold and platinum. Three_leaf_clover_straight_w__90199.1469987030.1280.1280Heart_straight_w__87840.1469985778.1280.1280Four_leaf_clover_straight_w__33236.1469986697.1280.1280 Some helpful tips when making custom jewelry with earclips How can you tell extraordinary from ordinary jewelry? Always check the setting work, are there azures to let the light shine through, are the stones set evenly, is the work clean and uniform. Check the metal quality, connections, and soldering. Is there excess solder? The overall finished piece should reflect a general feelings of balance and aesthetic From the back: design, fine polishing, clean stamps, beautiful finish, azures and attention to detail.

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