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Foldaway posts and 2 position earclips! You asked we listened!

Foldaway posts! Our most requested jewelry finding by our top customers!

Foldaway posts, 2 position earclips! You asked for it and we listened! Introducing our new Spring Action Foldaway Posts and Two Position Ear Clips. Our spring action foldaway post is a combination ear pad and earring post which offers flexibility for customers with and without pierced ears. Sometimes you get only one opportunity with a customer to try on a potential new pair of earrings and we want you to be ready! If you would like to see how this foldaway post works check out our video


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What earclip findings to use when making larger earrings?

style number 1250

Many of our customers make larger earrings in 18k gold or platinum. We offer the 1250 style earclip with a large opening to allow room to place a post lower on the earring. If you place the earring post lower on the earring it will raise the earring higher on the ear!. An larger earclip provides more support behind the ear to balance the larger earring from tipping. Proper placement of earrings can give a lift to the whole face! The 1250 earclip opens 90 degrees and 180 degrees to allow the customer an easier time putting on their earrings by offering plenty of room for the post. Check out our earclip in action on our video link!
Jewelry fitting is a science and and an art. We offer many different styles of earclips, leverbacks and shepards crooks to accomodate your creation. Our primary metal is 18k gold or platinum. If you need other metal and it is not on our website, call for a quote. 855-342-6800