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18k gold, Protecting from fire oxidation

18k gold findings attachment.. When using the laser to attach 18k gold finding bases or closing the gold pins on a jewelry piece, it can leave a scorch mark or fire oxidation on the piece and it can be hard to remove. A good tip to avoid this issue w

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Small but mighty, micro earclips

  [caption id="attachment_512" align="alignleft" width="241"] 1001 microclip[/caption] The newest addition to our luxury earclip line are our new micro earclips, style number 1001. Only 13 mm long yet our micro earclips provide the comfort and d

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Jewelers Holiday - free shipping!

Legacy Findings is celebrating Jewelers Holiday with free standard shipping (use code FREESHIP)! It's that time of year when many in the jewelry industry take time off to refresh and rejuvenate. Legacy Findings will be unavailable to ship from July 4

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Jewelry Findings & luxury jewelry on line?

The long and short of it is...Yes you can. There are many companies taking advantage of online consumers who may not have a local jeweler nearby. It's always nice to deal person to person but it may not always be possible. Many large companies includ

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Jewelry Findings- the back of beautiful jewelry

How can you make your beautiful jewelry truly extraordinary?Make your jewelry stand out!Many customers know a quality piece of jewelry when they see one. But they may not be able to tell you why. Beauty in modern jewelry comes from meticulous attenti

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