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Foldaway Posts Installation Instructions

Some helpful tips when using our findings!

No Spring Fold away posts

Our fold away posts are carefully hand fitted, the hinge pin is matched to the parts and should not be replaced as a poor fit will affect proper function. The parts are each tested before they leave our shop. You should feel a gentle “pop” as the post is moved to the up position. Here at our shop, we laser one side of the pin to the tubing on the loop as the last step of manufacturing, allowing the loop to flex slightly to make the detent that secures the post in the upright position.

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New Fold Away Posts with Spring

Our spring foldaway posts have a removable leaf spring.  If the pad is to be attached to your earring by soldering, the foldaway needs to be disassembled removing the pin, post and spring. The disassembly is available as a video in the technical area of legacyfindings.com


Remember 18kt pink gold requires special handling, it can crack unexpectedly if heated and cooled multiple times.