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Gearing up for the Holidays!

Happy Labor Day!   As we all head back to work and school it's time to think about restocking our inventory for the coming holiday season. Our 18k gold findings and our platinum findings are in high demand for the up coming season. The earclips continue to be big sellers as our customers like the quality and the crisp action of our handmade springs. We recently shipped out several orders for our rose gold line,  earclips, cufflinks and pinstems,  for those who like something unique! We just completed the R and D on a new wire earclip that will be on our website shortly, these were a special request from some of our biggest customers so I'm looking forward to adding them to the line. When you are getting the Holiday rush, don't forget we can supply shanks, clasps, earclips, pinstems in those hard to find 18k and platinum.