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1050 Series Reverse Ear Clips for Hoop Earrings Installation Instructions

Some helpful tips when using our findings!

These ear clips come with a removable spring. The ear clip assembly should be disassembled to attach the stem to your jewelry and then reassembled after it is attached. Place a small drop of oil (we use the point of a needle) on the spring where it meets the stem after you are finished with polishing and cleaning. Heat on the springs may affect the effectiveness of the ear clip. Below are some helpful images for your reference, Fig. 1 has the dimensions of the ear clips in this series, Fig. 2 is an important representation of the positions of the clip in use, as they operate in reverse of the regular ear clips. 

The ear clips have a small dimple in the spring to interlock with a small bump on the frame to retain the spring and prevent slipping during operation. Do not file off the bump.

At our shop, the pins are finished with a laser, welding them to the tubing.  If you don’t have a laser, the pins may be balled with a torch.  We do not recommend riveting as this often results in pinching of the joint and creating excessive friction, diminishing the effectiveness of the ear clip.   

Do not bend the ear clip into the curve as you will bend the spring and it will require repair. Refer to the drawing below on the right to see the open position.

Figure 1:


Figure 2:


Remember 18kt pink gold requires special handling, it can crack unexpectedly if heated and cooled multiple times.